What makes podcasting different?

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At present, hundreds of celebrity personalities, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, and internet marketers are making use of podcasts to express their ideas and creativity to the world. There are several advantages to using podcasts for publishing audio and video files to the masses and in this article, we will talk about some of those.

How podcast shows are made and distributed makes them a unique media type. The functionality of using RSS to send, receive, and update information within a podcast means that podcasts are easily adaptable compared to other media forms like movies, television, and even blogs in some cases.

There are a lot of uses for podcasts and a lot of things about a podcast that makes it different. But first, let’s answer…

What is the Point of a Podcast?

This is a common question asked by people new in podcasting. Though podcasting is on the rise, there are still millions of people who don’t know what they are or how they work. Furthermore, the ones who do know about podcasts might wonder why you would choose a podcast show over a good blog post, YouTube video, or your favorite late-night program on t.v.

Podcasts offer a way to put your knowledge, talent, and voice out into the world for others to hear. Typically in audio form, that information is received from the person listening via a computer or smartphone. The exciting factor though is that information is received immediately the show is sent out.

The end consumer doesn’t have to go find the new show, because the show will automatically arrive in a podcasting application, like Apple Podcasts. Typically, you can even have an alert display whenever a new show is released. This form of direct media means that anyone can post a new show and that show will be sent immediately to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of listeners instantaneously.

Free and Quick Access On-Demand 

Podcasting offers an easier way to access these shows and that is usually done with a free podcast app. Android and iPhones come with a podcast app installed natively, but there are countless others that you can use that offer different features such as Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Stitcher, and many more.

Not only that, but you can even access the RSS feed from a website with an RSS reader, getting instant shows straight to your PC or Mac computer.

Because these apps or typically free to use, it opens up a whole new world of digital media that people can access instantly and across many different genres. From mystery podcasts to business-related podcasts, to health, wealth, and relationship advice, anyone can find something they are looking for.

Anytime and Anywhere Access

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Another benefit of podcasting is that it gives you access to the content anytime, anywhere. Not too long ago, people were only limited to television shows and radio programs at a certain time of the day. Either you listened in at that time, or you missed your show.

Podcasting gives us a way to consume content and watch our favorite shows on our own time. Combined with the ability to listen anywhere you are, podcasting makes it easy to enjoy your favorite shows on the go.

People love to listen to podcasts while jogging, running, working out, driving, mowing in the lawn, and in all kinds of other scenarios because of how easy it is to plug in your earbuds and tune in. It doesn’t always make sense to have to read a blog post or watch a video while doing some of these activities, so it’s convenient to have audio podcasts there when you want something to listen to.

It Feels More Personal

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No matter who you ask, most people will say listening to a podcast gives you a personal connection with the host or person speaking because they are talking directly into your ears. Though you can get a writer’s feeling in a blog post, and you can definitely see a person in a YouTube video, there is nothing quite like having your favorite podcast persona talking directly to you.

This reason alone is enough for me to listen to podcasts. I feel like I pay more attention than if I have a video playing in the background. The audio is amplified and everything is tuned out, so it gives a personal characteristic to the show that you won’t find anywhere else.

Targeted Audience to Enhance Business Profits 

One more benefit of podcasting is the fact that these shows are displayed in categories on the podcasting applications. Podcast shows are separated into categories, which tells the listener what the show is about: business, fiction, nonfiction, romance, etc.

Just like books in a book store, every genre and niche under the sun has been made into a podcast and categorized this way. That’s great for the person trying to find a podcast that is right for them. All you have to do is search through the many categories on your podcast app and start listening to different shows, and you’re bound to find one that strikes a chord with you.

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It’s even better for the show producers that these podcasts are categorized the way they are because that means the audience can be targeted based on their preferences. Advertisers and sponsors can serve products and services to the consumer based on what they listen to. Listening to a show about dog behavior? You might get an ad for dog food on the podcast.

Having the ability to advertise based on the podcast category gives businesses a much better way to fine-tune their marketing and sales efforts. You can sort of do this on television, but the commercials are sent out to a more general public than in a medium like podcasting where it’s very niche specific.

Final Thoughts

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There are a lot of reasons that makes podcasting different than other mediums and media out there. People who create podcast shows and who listen to podcasts fall in love with them. They are unlike anything else, including radio and YouTube.

If you are new to podcasts and haven’t listened to your first show yet, then I highly recommending opening up a podcast on your smartphone and find something interesting to you. I started listening to podcasts years ago and today it’s still one of my favorite sources of entertainment and education, and it could be your new favorite too.

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